Helpful Tips For Storing Wine At Home

23 October 2018
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If you have decided that you would like to start your own wine collection, either as a hobby or so you simply always have the perfect wine for every occasion, you will need to learn about properly storing wine. To help make sure that you are going to store your wine in an ideal manner, you will want to read through the following suggestions.

Keep It In One Spot

One thing that you will want to avoid doing is moving the wine around from one location to the next. The goal is to place your wine in the storage location and then leave it until you are ready to open it. Moving the wine around too much can cause it to no longer taste as good. Also, when you go to place the wine in storage, you will want to keep the bottle on its side. The reason for this is because this ensures that the wine will always remain in direct contact with the cork, which keeps the cork from drying out and letting air into the bottle.

Keep The Wine In An Isolated Location

You will want the wine storage area to not only be dark, but free from anything that might ruin the taste of the wine. Remember the wine bottles have corks that are breathable, so if you have a big bag of rotten pieces of garlic sitting next to the wine, there is a good chance that the wine is going to take on some of that smell and taste. Therefore, you are not going to want anything other than wine in your storage area.

Keep The Temperature Of The Storage Area Consistent

It is important to keep the storage area for the wine at a cool temperature. Not only that, but you need to make sure that it is always remaining at a cooler temperature. Allowing the temperature rise and fall can cause your wine to go bad, or simply no longer taste as good. If you have to, install a refrigerated wine cooler or install air conditioning for the warmer summer months.

The better care you take of the wine while it is in storage, the longer it will last and the better it will taste when you finally do get around to drinking it. So start getting your wine storage setup ready and start collecting some of the best wines you can find. For more information, contact a company like LA Fine Arts & Wine Storage.