3 Ways Watercolor Glazing Can Improve Your Artwork

25 April 2019
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Most artists, especially those who specialize in working with paint, are continually taking steps to improve their craft and master new techniques. As a painter, it is in your best interest to learn the watercolor glazing technique if you want to create new and exciting artwork. You can sign up for a watercolor glazing class at an art studio or opt to watch a series of watercolor glazing technique videos. With practice and instruction, it won't be long before you are incorporating watercolor glazing into your paintings. There are a number of ways that watercolor glazing can improve your artwork, such as:

Create Movement

One of the major benefits of mastering the watercolor glazing technique is using it to add a sense of movement into your paintings. As you layer colors on top of each other using the technique, it can help make what you are painting come to life. Understanding the technique is great for people who paint landscapes since you can use watercolor glazing to help capture the movement of water or trees blowing in the wind. As you continue to improve and better learn how to use watercolor glazing, you can also use it to show people or vehicles moving.

Adjust the Colors on Your Canvas

As a painter, you may only have a limited number of paint color options available to you at any given time. Even with a full palette of paint colors, you may not have the exact color of paint that you are envisioning for your artwork. If you are ever in this situation, knowing how to glaze with watercolor can provide the perfect solution. Since watercolor glazing involves layering different colors of paint, you can use the technique to create the paint color that you need. Once you know how to watercolor glaze, you will have the skills needed to adjust the colors on your canvas and create any color profile that you want.

Improve Color Depth

A great piece of art needs to have a lot of depth, contrast, and a specific focus, and achieving all of these things can be difficult if you have not learned more advanced painting techniques. Watercolor glazing will help you add color depth to your paintings, making it possible to create a much more interesting picture. When you have color depth, you can incorporate shadows into your painting and create the contrast that is needed to draw the eye to your artwork.