4 Ways To Gift Farm Animal Comic Strips

27 January 2021
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Comic strips are a unique form of artwork that can provide laughs, resonate with people, and follow specific subjects. If you have a farm animal lover in your life, then you can give them the gift of products with farm animal comic strips. When you purchase the personal printing rights to a comic strip, you can have products created for personal use.

Learn about four unique ways to gift an animal comic strip and create a memorable product for family members and loved ones.

1. Framed Print

One of the easiest ways to gift a comic strip is to print the comic strip and frame the design. A framed print adds a nice look to the comic strip. Ideally, you want to have the print matted. The empty space around the print will help re-direct the focal point and make the print stand out even more.

You can purchase a frame for a wall or a stand-up frame ideal for a mantle or desk. The gift is taken to the next level when you use a frame. As you print the comic strip, stick with a flat matte print to avoid any glare as lights shine on the frame.

2. Office Decor

Turn a comic strip into some fun office decor. A custom mouse pad allows the person to see the design every time they go to use the computer. You can turn the print into a custom notepad background. If you have multiple animal comic strips you want printed, you can make a collage and feature it as a desk mat for a computer monitor and other office items.

3. Custom Puzzle

If the person you're buying a book for loves games, then you can turn the animal comic strip into a fun custom puzzle. Before the person can view the whole comic, they must first piece together the puzzle. Once the puzzle is built, the person can read the full strip. The puzzle could be saved and built again in the future or glued together and displayed as a framed artwork.

4. Coffee Mug

A coffee mug provides an ideal location to print a comic strip. The strip can go around the whole mug and provide a nice laugh anytime someone goes to use the mug. Colored artwork and farm animal illustrations will help make the mug stand out and could be used daily in a home.

Once you find a comic strip you enjoy, look into details for ordering custom products and using the comic to create a memorable gift.