How Reading or Writing Poetry Can Heal Your Emotional Turmoil

25 May 2021
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When the trials of life's problems boil up and overflow in your life, and you reach a point where you are struggling to emotionally and physically survive another day, poetry that is either written or read by you can calm you and bring you peace. Using this art form sets you on the right pathway to recovery so that you can move forward and begin healing. You will be truly and honestly expressing yourself about your immediate feelings with the reading or writing of poetry.

Write Down Whatever Comes to Mind

In the midst of all your emotional turmoil, write down whatever comes to your mind. It's alright to write down words and images that are crossing your mind while all your emotions are flowing. Don't worry about styling your poetry at this stage. It's the words that you need to write down right now. Later, you can rearrange paragraphs and make appropriate line breaks that will pull your poetry together into a lucid format.

Writing Down Poetry Gives You Emotional Release

Stay with the format of writing down or reading poetry for emotional turmoil because it provides you with an emotional release. You need an emotional release and you're getting that because the emotional release drives the poetry you write or read. Holding in your emotions during the turmoil gets you stuck in turmoil. You still have more to do because emotional release alone cannot solve your emotional turmoil.

Just One Line of Poetry Can Ease Your Turmoil

When you think about it, reading poetry is actually a form of medicine. You may not need to read the contents of an entire poem to help you after you release your emotional turmoil. You may just find a certain line in a poem that matches the traumatic experience that led to your emotional turmoil. You can integrate your own history by that special one line of poetry and then add words to the traumatic experience you've experienced.

Asserting That Poetry Is a String Of Words

Therapists who use poetry in treating patients assert that poetry is not just words but is a string of words that have the capability to create a deeper and wider melodic line and meaning. They say that poetry actually forms its own language and has the ability to break the cycle of emotional turmoil, which thereafter allows you to heal.

Letting Loose Your Unconscious Mind

Many therapists maintain that writing poetry helps you to let loose your unconscious mind and allow in self expression when you need it most during periods of emotional turmoil. That helps you to heal because you are actually creating your raw and immediate feelings and thoughts into the poem you are writing.