3 Key Features Found in Anthropomorphic Animal Comics

30 September 2022
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When you read comics with animals, you have a wide range of options to choose from. You could read comics with realistic settings and natural habits. You could also read unique anthropomorphic animal comics where animals completely transform and change their looks. The anthropomorphic includes a lot of human characteristics placed on animal characters.

Before you dive into the world of anthro comics, check out some of the characteristics found in those comics and some of the common themes you will come across.

1. Animals in Outfits

Artists will often place animals in human clothing to create a signature anthropomorphic look for their characters. Imagine a cat dressed in a suit and tie, or a dog in a police uniform. Just the addition of clothes can completely change the look of an animal. Readers can relate to the characters and see more insight into their personalities with the addition of clothes.

Along with the human clothes, artists will often make the animals stand up on two feet. The standing animals add another human quality and help make the characters come alive within the pages of the comic.

2. Re-Imagined Worlds

When you read stories with anthropomorphic animals, the characters will often live in an alternate reality of our own. Sometimes, the animals will live alongside humans, and other times, the animals will be the sole characters in the world. For example, a comic book may focus on a planet full of lions and how they have transformed the world.

In some cases, the buildings and cities will look the same except replaced with animal designs and puns. In other cases, the world will appear completely different and feature new imagined technology. Part of the allure in reading the anthro comics is seeing the imagined worlds with animals in control.

3. Relationships & Language

Animals featured in the comics would act very differently than their real-life counterparts. Cats wouldn't hiss or purr in the comics. Instead, they would communicate much like humans and have conversations and complicated relationships. Animals who would normally not get along could become mortal enemies and clash with each other.

The more you read the comics, the more you learn about the animals and how they interact with each other. The talking and relationships will help you feel emotionally connected to the stories and the journey each animal goes through along the way. You will quickly get used to the look and style of the animals as you read more about their personality.

Check out some anthropomorphic animal comics and see how they differ from some more traditional comics.