Where To Purchase Native American Art

18 January 2023
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Native American art offers a unique and beautiful style of artwork with unparalleled craftsmanship. In certain cultures, the techniques and materials are only passed down from artist to apprentice within the tribe. Many of these fantastic works of art are only available for viewing at museums; however, there are options available for those looking to obtain pieces of work for their private art collections. Here are three places where collectors can legally purchase Native American art from various tribes and time periods. 

Online American Indian Art Auction

One of the best ways to obtain authentic, historical artwork from the Native American culture is through an online Native American art auction. Online auctions are a legitimate option for collectors to obtain a range of Native American art, including paintings, jewelry, pottery, masks, textiles, and even clothing. Because licensed vendors host these auctions, they are often examined and authenticated by professionals from auction houses around the country. In addition, information about the origins of each piece, such as the tribe and, in some cases, the artists, may be available. 

There are two types of online American Indian art auctions. The first type is for individual items, where a site has ongoing auctions for items, each with its own bidding timeline. The second is the live auction style which lists all the items that will be available for a specific auction time. The first adopts an e-commerce style of bidding, while the second is a more traditional style of auctioning. In both cases, there are usually resources available to confirm the authenticity of the products before the final purchase. 


For those simply looking for authentic Native American art without an interest in historical significance, there are many shops located on or near Native American reservations that sell authentic art, clothing, and jewelry. For example, pueblo pottery is still produced in the southwest using the same materials and techniques that ancient Native Americans used. The practice has been handed down for centuries, and the products are still sold at gift shops and art galleries today. 

Online Distributors

Finally, there are some galleries and artists that use online distributors or e-commerce websites to sell authentic Native American art. In most cases, there are modern artworks, similar to those that would be found on reservations or at gift shops; however, they are available to purchase online. These distributors could be large marketplaces that sell a variety of items and products, or they could be individual shop websites that specialize in specific styles.