3 Benefits Of Custom Printed Fabric For Fashion Designers

31 October 2018
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If you're a fashion designer, you might already work with a lot of different fabrics. In fact, in your time in the fashion industry, you might have found that there are almost endless types of fabrics for you to choose from. Because of the many different fabrics that you might have worked with, you might have never thought about having custom printed fabric made for your design purposes. However, custom fabrics are very useful for fashion designers, whether you're someone who is just getting started in the industry or you have been in fashion design for a long time. Read More 

Helpful Tips For Storing Wine At Home

23 October 2018
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If you have decided that you would like to start your own wine collection, either as a hobby or so you simply always have the perfect wine for every occasion, you will need to learn about properly storing wine. To help make sure that you are going to store your wine in an ideal manner, you will want to read through the following suggestions. Keep It In One Spot One thing that you will want to avoid doing is moving the wine around from one location to the next. Read More 

Adobe Premiere Color Correction Dos And Don’ts

26 September 2018
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Planning on using Adobe Premiere to color correct your next video? If so, know that there are several things that you should and should not do along the way. Here are some tips for anybody looking to get into color correcting using Adobe Premiere color correction software. Don't Heavily Color Correct Early On In Post-Production  Many video editors are excited to get their footage into their editing software and start looking at the potential that it could be in the finished product. Read More