3 Key Features Found in Anthropomorphic Animal Comics

30 September 2022
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When you read comics with animals, you have a wide range of options to choose from. You could read comics with realistic settings and natural habits. You could also read unique anthropomorphic animal comics where animals completely transform and change their looks. The anthropomorphic includes a lot of human characteristics placed on animal characters. Before you dive into the world of anthro comics, check out some of the characteristics found in those comics and some of the common themes you will come across. Read More 

Why You Should Add Abstract Art To Your Home

10 May 2022
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Almost every home can be made better by art. However, there's a lot of art to choose from these days. Whether you're new to buying artwork or just not sure what's right for your space, consider abstract art. This type of art is unique, often features bold colors, and makes a great conversation piece. Plus, there's a lot of it to choose from and at different price points. For these reasons and so many others, abstract art can be an excellent addition to your space. Read More